How We Help

The Better Angels Community produces and distributes educational materials about transforming leadership, servant leadership, and collaborative leadership. We also provide funding and promotional support for Good Causes, Good Works, and Good People with good ideas and good intentions. We do this in several ways.

The heart of the Better Angels process is our perpetual, reciprocal, worldwide crowd-funding strategy, which in turn is based on three significant models: the personal-challenge model expressed in the Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014; the bonding-and-bridging model suggested by Robert Putnam in his insightful study of civic engagement, Bowling Alone; and the phenomenal achievement of the March of Dimes campaigns launched by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Within the Better Angels Community, all members – both individuals and organizations – team up to support the Better Angels Community, its educational mission, and its core values of courage, compassion, continuous learning, and community service.

All members of the Better Angels Community pay just $20 in annual dues, though we cheerfully accept larger donations and larger commitments of annual dues. All members are encouraged to adopt other individuals and organizations to join the community and team up to support our collaborative efforts. The process is not automatic – it takes some effort – but Our Better Angels helps all members help each other help each other, so a modicum of effort can go a very long way within the Better Angels Community.

At Our Better Angels, we support this process through our on-line newsletter, The Herald Angel; through blogs and Angel Stories on our website; through video clips on You Tube; through posts on social media; through Google Nonprofit advertising opportunities; through our Speakers’ Circle; through the sale of educational materials; through special events, conferences, and publications; and through our perpetual, reciprocal, global crowd-funding process.

How You Can Help Us Help You Help Others

Even if you only invite one or two or three new Angels over your whole lifetime, you will still be helping to grow the Better Angels Community, since we will be at work helping to attract and adopt new member Angels on your behalf. And if you invite an organization or two (your high-school and college alma maters, a local service club or youth group, your faith community) to join in and register as new Good Causes, you can build a large personal Angel Community rather quickly. Thus your annual dues payments or donations plus a little time and effort inviting new members through your own personal contacts, through your own social media contacts, and through channels we make available to you, can blossom into thousands of dollars per year for your own Good Causes, while also supporting other Good Causes chosen by the other member Angels who follow your leadership example.


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