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"How much can I raise for my Good Cause and for myself?" Our Better Angels will pay you $10 per year for each new paying member you recruit, $3 per year for each new recruit at the next level, $2 per year for each new recruit at the next level below, and $1 per year for each recruit at the level below that. If you have lots of social-media contacts who have lots of social-media contacts, and if you are willing to put in a wee bit of effort to support OBA Good Causes and individual OBA members, you could earn thousands of dollars per year.

Choose a Good Cause to support. 

When you subscribe to Our Better Angels, you can select a Good Cause you choose to support. Your choice will receive half of your own OBA membership dues ($10) plus a portion of dues paid by other members you recruit. If you wish to support more than one Good Cause, please provide a $20 subscription for each Good Cause you choose to support.


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