Good Causes We Support

Our Better Angels aims to support global and national organizations which support the values of courage, compassion, continuous learning, and collaboration, and which work largely through clubs or chapters in local communities. Because Our Better Angels was originally created as a qualified subsidiary of the Wisconsin Leadership Institute with headquarters at Ripon College in Ripon, Wisconsin, our original Good Causes also host chapters in Ripon. In addition to Ripon College, those Good Causes include the League of Women Voters, Kiwanis International, Rotary International, the CharacterStrong program, and the United Church of Christ.

Though some of our Good Causes compete directly with some of our other Good Causes, we are guided by the moral example of Abraham Lincoln, universally regarded as the greatest presidential leader in US history. Lincoln not only called for guidance from “the better angels of our nature” in his first inaugural address, he also recruited a “team of rivals” to serve in his cabinet, thus ensuring a full and healthy consideration of viewpoints. Lincoln, by the way, was the first president from the Republican Party, originally founded as an anti-slavery party in Ripon. We envision the Better Angels Community as a “Rivalliance,” an alliance of rivals in the same way that Lincoln trusted the advice and counsel of his cabinet members, even though they frequently disagreed with each other on some issues.

Moving forward, Our Better Angels will help our Good Causes recruit members and raise funds for projects we endorse. You can find out more about our Good Causes by clicking on the links below.

Ripon College

The League of Women Voters

Kiwanis International

Rotary International


United Church of Christ