Team Up With Our Better Angels

Support your favorite Good Causes. Discover the creative potential of the human spirit. Build your own personal Angel Community. Help us help you help others.

Bonding and Bridging

Our Better Angels helps you help others through support for your own Good Cause as well as other Good Causes supported by people you invite to join the Better Angels Community. You bond with your Good Cause; they bond with their Good Causes; and you all build bridges in a network of Good Causes.

The Better Angels of Our Nature

In a monumental study, The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined, psychologist Steven Pinker marshals an enormous array of historical evidence…

The Better Angels Invitation

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Now the Better Angels Invitation allows you to support your very own Good Cause for the cost of a large pizza once a year. And you don’t have to dump anything on your head.

How Do You Feel About People?

Over the long haul, truly effective leadership always starts and ends with a feeling for and about the people involved.

Our Sponsor: the WLI


Our Better Angels is a not-for-profit qualified subsidiary of the Wisconsin Leadership Institute (WLI). The WLI was incorporated as a Wisconsin non-stock non-profit organization in 1995 and received certification from the Internal Revenue Service as a 501c3 organization in 2000.

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Fact-Checking Honest Abe


Ben Franklin said that "honesty is the best policy." How does that notion stack up in this "post-truth" era of fake news?

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Winning, Losing, and Working Together


Some say competition, even more than love, makes the world go round.

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