Frequently Asked Questions

Note: We are revamping and revising our structures and our strategies. This page will be updated as soon as we finish that process.


A: The best way to answer that question is to request that you pay attention to the materials on our website, in our You Tube clips, and in our educational materials. Meanwhile, please remember that what you see on the news is not normal – that’s why it’s called “news.” Also remember that people who peddle dramatic imagery of violence and barbarity in mass media are exploiting the natural human instinct, developed over millions of years, to pay close attention to threats, signs of danger, and violent outbursts of sound and fury. They are making lots of money exploiting us that way.

A: OBA will encourage member Angels to express their opinions on issues they care about, but we will avoid political partisanship as much as possible. In fact, we see political partisanship, and ideology in general, as major obstacles to clear thinking and wise decision-making. The tendency to make snap judgments and to accept uncritically the beliefs of people in our own tribes is in fact part of our ancient, pre-civilized heritage. We will encourage member Angels to think slowly, think twice, and then think again. This does not mean that we will always avoid commenting on political issues, since political issues are ultimately based on moral and humane values. Why not join in and find out how it works for yourself?