Our Better Angels is devoted to education and philanthropy. We aim to help young people understand the mission and functions of nonprofit organizations, charities, and Good Causes of all sorts in our global village. We also aim to help them develop their leadership skills and values in the service of nonprofits, charities, and Good Causes.

Thus we encourage young people and not-so-young people to support the schools and colleges in their own communities and around the world by joining the Better Angels Community, choosing their school or their alma mater as their designated Good Cause, and then inviting at least two other members to join the Better Angels Community. Meanwhile, OBA will support this process through its social media, You Tube clips, Speakers’ Circle, and other channels. And our perpetual reciprocal worldwide crowd-funding system will match the first-year dues of all new members. In other words, when our new Angels pay it forward, we pay them back.

The 2010 census and the US Chamber of Commerce note that the US includes 98,000 public schools, 1,400 four-year colleges, at least 50 million primary and secondary students, at least 100 million high-school graduates, and at least 50 million college graduates. There are also 4,300 universities around the world. Our Better Angels is an infant organization right now, but we want to reach out to all those schools, all those colleges, and all those potential Angels. If we can grow the Better Angels Community to just one percent of one percent of that total population by 2020, we will be off to a good start. If you join, you can help us help others help others.

And we have a theme song for all of this: Be True to Your School