A comprehensive understanding of effective leadership behavior starts with an understanding of the primary domains involved in leadership behavior and the seven core values that determine whether that leadership behavior is effective or not.

Leadership: Six Domains to Reckon With

  • You are your own most important instrument and your own best teacher.
  • Other People. Leadership is a reciprocal relationship with followers; other people are just as important as you are.
  • Tasks and Goals. Study and practice the tasks you need to perform. Set attainable but challenging long-range goals but focus on one step at a time.
  • Available Resources. Identify and develop whatever resources you can use to achieve your goals.
  • Group Size and Structure. No matter how big a group or organization gets, it does virtually all of its important work in small, team-size groups.
  • The Surrounding Environment. Everything happens somewhere; it’s important to know where you are at all times.


Leadership: Seven Core Values to Live By

  • Courage. Never be afraid to take sensible risks; frequently, the riskiest strategy is to play it safe.
  • Compassion. We are all linked by empathy and caring concern. Nobody can survive from birth in isolation.
  • Continuous learning. Nothing succeeds like success, but nothing teaches like mistakes.
  • Service. The best leaders are servants.
  • Respect. The root of the word “re-spect” means “to take a second look.”
  • Integrity. Integrity is about integrating all of your skills, talents, and aspirations for the best results for yourself and others. Strive to do the right thing all the time.
  • Good humor. All creative activity mirrors the processes of humor and fun.