office clappingOur Better Angels (OBA) is a nonprofit community devoted to philanthropy and leadership education. An initiative of the Wisconsin Leadership Institute (WLI), the Better Angels Community galvanizes what Abraham Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature” and helps to spread the contagion of courage, compassion, continuous learning, and community service. We fight back against fear, hatred, ignorance, greed, and apathy.

We support schools, libraries, service clubs, youth groups, faith communities, and Good Causes of all sorts, but especially those who foster leadership development among young people. We depend on their credibility, their integrity, and their trusting relationships with individuals to nurture the Better Angels Community. Members of the Community are invited to choose other Good Causes to support in addition to the Better Angels Community itself.  We also encourage members to invite their friends, family members, neighbors, and associates to join, which is one of the primary ways we stress constructive leadership behavior.

In collaboration with our members, partners, and sponsors, we devote our time, energy, and resources to the following challenges:

**Producing and distributing educational materials about transforming leadership, servant leadership, effective collaboration, the Positive Psychology Movement, and productive communication behavior, especially among  young people who aspire to leadership roles for the long-term future. 

**Crowdfunding for Good Causes chosen by members of the Better Angels Community.